Probably one of the easiest decisions we should have made a long time ago! We've had so many requests over the last years to stock male sets but as a very female driven brand, we knocked it on the head several times. We even sampled a separate male line in late 2021 however didn't proceed :(
Here we are again because you guys are very persistent and somehow always manage to twist our arms to keep giving! A few minor tweaks to our current joggers + hoodies and we now have a set suitable for both men + women!
How exciting!!? No compromise in quality or material! Just a better fir suitable for both!
How exactly have our Logo Joggers + Shorts changed?
Simply a reduced waistband. Not to worry ladies, they are still and always will be perfect for you too! More in-line with a comfortable look for both! The full waist band will remain on any wide leg joggers and shell sets!
How exactly have our Logo Hoodies changed?
To the eye, there is no change! As with our Logo pieces, the hoodies have also always been suitable for both! We've slightly increased the length and arms. Thats it! The fit is still amazing, its even better than before!