Luxury fabric and unique designs have come to define our signature aesthetic which can be recognised worldwide. Since launching in 2017, our pieces are now iconic in that each release builds upon our approach of timeless styles and designs that come together creating contemporary pieces with affordable price tags.

Designed in house, BBXBRAND has feminine power with a modern edge at the forefront of every aspect under the label. The brand has been seen across the globe with a huge and growing loyal customer base and has become a staple in wardrobes for many as well as celebrity clients.
Our Founder
 Starting the brand in 2017, BBXBRAND has grown from a one-woman team where Bally, a Senior IT System Architect, used the evenings whilst working away for her first business, an IT consultancy, to build the foundations of the brand. Today, BBXRBAND employs a small team to run the brand.

“Growing up, I always had this drive and passion to create something amazing. I always knew my knowledge around business and fashion together could create a fierce powerhouse brand that would continue growing with endless opportunities.

I took my passion for fashion, garment craft and design and built on the interest I was getting for my outfit choices and styling to create a brand that had my very own style stamp on it.

I'm very inspired by the diversity and volume of women who have chosen BBXBRAND from day one. I always strive to listen to what you want, ensuring every piece we make delivers on what makes you feel powerful and comfortable, existing as an essential in each and every one of your wardrobes"

Bally Sahota