BBXRAND is created for the creatively curious mind that delights in uniquely crafted, luxury designs that define our signature aesthetic which can be recognised worldwide. Since launching in 2017, our pieces are now iconic and each release builds upon our approach of timeless styles that encourage intentional shopping for statement, investment pieces.

Imbued with quiet confidence each garment is designed with simple cuts that accentuate and longevity in mind, created with multi-purpose usage that invites the wearer to explore, personalise and prolong the lifecycle of each piece. Unexpected fabric combinations masterfully crafted with considered details and silhouettes are the key elements that define BBXBRAND.

A brand for the woman who knows where she's from and where she's going, BBXBRAND is expressive of an assuredness without overt dominance. BBXBRAND becomes part of your forever wardrobe effortlessly.



BBXRAND embraces sleek silhouettes in timeless designs to reduce the overconsumption of trend-lead pieces and the ethical practices fast fashion entails. Many of our items are produced ahead in much smaller quantities than those seen in fast paced fashion whilst ensuring the consumer also really has an exclusive piece. We only produce quantities that there is a demand for rather than over producing to ensure there is least possible wastage and dead stock.

To meet further consumer demands and to ensure we are being a responsible manufacturer, we proudly produce a number of styles only once an order has been placed enabling us to avoid ever over production or carrying any excess stock.


We are always striving to improve our supply chain and sourcing practices in order to ensure the best possible working conditions and that the materials we use have the lowest possible impact on the environment. A lot of our garments use the same signature fabrics which have been ethically sourced, checked and tested. All our garments are delivered in compostable, no plastic packaging, any dyes used are made from natural sources and our labels/swings tags are all made from natural fibres.

Any left fabric and unused cuttings are firstly put forward to be used for trims of other garments where possible. Others are then sorted by fibre allowing them to be recycled or sent back to suppliers.

We are currently researching and sourcing options with the aim for a further 40% of our outer packaging to be made from FCA approved and recycled or biodegradable materials. We have also carefully chosen DHL as our shipping partner and ship each order on their GoGreen service which is a worldwide environmental protection programme which aims to reduce and avoid the emission of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants.
We are committed to curating timeless pieces that will quickly become staples in your wardrobe and last a lifetime.